Community, Capacity and Culture


Developing strategically aligned sustainable processes and infrastructure that will maximise the impact of TU Dublin’s teaching and learning practices on the student and staff experience. 

Funders and Supporters
This project is funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and supported by the TU Dublin Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre.

Latest news

IMPACT Projects Gallery
A virtual reality Gallery of some of the IMPACT projects is now available to browse here. The Gallery was launched by TU Dublin President, Prof. David FitzPatrick, and is also available as a more traditional website.

The latest Eye on IMPACT, our monthly e-newsletter is now available. It is packed with latest project updates, currently open funding opportunities, chances to win IMPACT prizes.

IMPACT Operation (Authentic Assessment) Transformation
An Authentic Assessment Scholar and Supporters Scheme is currently open. This scheme will support staff to (re-)design assessments to be more authentic. Bursaries available and details can be found here. The scheme was launched with a masterclass from Assoc. Prof. Geraldine O’Neill.

Latest IMPACT funded Communities of Practice
Details on the IMPACT funded Communities of Practice can be found here. Find your tribe!

IMPACT Special Edition of IJAP
A special edition of the Irish Journal of Academic Practice has been commissioned to disseminate topics of relevance to the IMPACT project. Full details can be found here.

Christmas Market
The TU Dublin IMPACT Teaching and Learning Christmas Market took place in December 2020. Event details are here and a report here.

12 student nominated Teaching and Learning innovations
The 12 Teaching and Learning Innovations that work (and why) for TU Dublin students can be found here. Also included are ‘how to’ guides for staff new to each innovation, ‘where to’ considerations for staff experienced with each innovation and a mapping onto the TU Dublin Education Model Principles.

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